Monday, 24 September 2012

Food is my wonder drug

It has been a common question, actually, what strong food craving or cravings I've had. In our culture, this usually signifies some form of physical or psychological trait the child will develop. Early on I mentioned a strong desire for fruit of the cucumber tree--kamias. At the same time, I was craving, very specifically, Chunky Chips Ahoy. I actually made a joke out of this fact. Everyone knows I'm a complete Ms. Cranky-pants and since there is no existing saying on what kind of child is born from a mother craving kamias, I would say "Uh-oh. This means the baby will be just as cranky as the mommy."

Kamias shake plus salt chaser
These days the craving for both have waned. Now I find I am constantly bingeing on bananas and bread. For several meals to start with, I have slowly managed to eat several small pieces of grilled beef without feeling like it wanted to make a comeback. I consider this a second trimester milestone given that, for the past two months since our return from Ireland--thank you, Lord, that it happened after our return from Ireland!--I have been unable to successfully eat my fill of my usual favourite pork and beef dishes. Granted, I am still more averse to beef than pork.

Peanut butter, banana, marshmallows
This approach towards my third trimester has me feeling the most "normal" I've been in months. My mother's roast beef has found itself a nice spot in my belly, as has her chili con carne. My trimester craving now is kopi buns from Kopi Roti and it's not such a bad craving as before, though I did get upset with my husband for a whole day when he refused to go purchase some for me the first time I craved it. He's been one very lucky man in my opinion. I have not has the urge to wake him at the ungodliest hours just so he can buy food I want to eat. I've heard the horror stories and remind him sometimes to be grateful this has been fairly easy.

Kopi Roti is love
I have yet to really look into studies on food cravings, if there are any. I am of the personal opinion it's psychological but at the same time, I know my kamias craving was what helped me manage my morning sickness. I am sure of this because my worst early days were when I couldn't get my kamias fix.

If there is, indeed, a co-relation between an infant's burgeoning sweet tooth--I've read it's supposedly the first taste they develop--and a mother's craving's then that tells me precisely why I have been craving chocolates more than I had before. Complex carbohydrates in the form of grains primarily from bread also top the list.

Wish fulfilled anyway
Most dangerous, in my opinion, is that as I enter my final trimester, I seem to be developing a hankering for the food I refused to eat earlier: red meat.

No, I don't believe red meat is evil. But the siren song of McDonald's leaves much to be desired.

Perhaps I am one of those people, the ones who find that they do desire food during times of extreme emotions, even times of less extreme feelings. Food has always been a central gathering point in my family and I was practically raised in the kitchen. I don't find anything inherently wrong with this per se just that hitting that maximum weight gain mark has made me paranoid over the possibility of gestational diabetes. Not my idea of a picnic.

They say there are a lot of things that one should not eat during pregnancy but I seriously say "Fie on your no-no's!" With the exception of raw food--boohoo, no sushi or sashimi!--my doctor has not prohibited me from eating anything and again, the key here is moderation.

Besides, they say a happy mommy delivers a happy baby and these are my drugs of choice.

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