Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Unexpected

Perhaps this ought to be linked with my "not in the books" posts but you know what, it feels good enough to let it stand alone.

And so, this is the way it is. My personal list of things I never would have believed of I didn't go through it myself.

1. The defining moment of shameless is being splayed open in front of strangers and accept that it is their professional duty to mind my bodily fluids.

2. Newborns look like alien creatures. But because the alien creature belongs to me, I believe he is the cutest thing in the world. Ever.

3. It takes a week to figure out what each cry means. It takes two weeks to respond to each cry quick enough to not wake the entire neighbourhood.

4. Baby poop isn't really that disgusting. I shit you not. *cue canned laughter* And as a first time, exclusively breast feeding mother, I celebrate each and every poopy diaper as a sign my boy is eating and eating well.

5. An infant's head is small but never underestimate the impact the weight of a small object has on the arms, wrist, and back.

6. Gums. When used to chomp down on something, the gums can hurt as much as teeth.

7. Little boys have a built in fountain system. Yes they do.

8. Breast feeding is a tough job. And makes the feeder eat like there's no tomorrow.

9. I can only drink so much water. And it really is important to be upright when burping.

10. I will always wish for two things: that he grows up quickly and that he never grows up.

And here's my son with the perfect "Yeah, I'm full of surprises" look on his face.

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