Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This Mother's Job

No, I am not throwing jabs at mothers who work outside the home. Let's get that thought out of the way now. My own mother worked outside the home. I know what it was like for her and what it was like for me as a child.

This is purely and solely about me and my experience thus far.

I probably sleep a scant six hours daily. In increments of 1-2 hours if our son lets us sleep through the night. Plus cat naps in between as he sleeps through the day.

I chose to take him to breast thus limiting
my activities; when he calls for food, I must drop everything so I can go feed him. A deterrent? Hardly. Because I know his schedule will only get better as he grows and I will eventually have some semblance of my pre-baby life back. "Some" because this will always involve adjustments made in consideration of his presence.

That said, I eat like there's no tomorrow to make sure he is well-provided for. I know it goes to him because I've lost weight despite the intake. Whether or not that will come back to haunt me is another thing entirely. But again, it is part of my duty as his food provider (literally) to stock up on fuel to keep producing the sustenance he needs.

I share bath, diaper, and soothing duties with his dad. Soothing includes getting him settled for sleep, quieting him down when he cries, and yes, burping him. Sometimes I leave Papa to do it just so I can catch extra Z's since Papa also usually sleeps in with Llew and I don't. More to the point, I can't because my mornings demands heavy refueling to prepare for the rest of my day.

I have done minimal work as far as business and career goes. I've tried but failed so far. But it's only been a bit under two weeks. We're learning and adjusting.

For now my main job is to get to know my son better and let him figure me and his Papa out.

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