Thursday, 10 January 2013

His fair share

I feel it must be said, too, that my husband has also grown and changed by leaps and bounds these past weeks.

He is no longer just a husband but is coming into his own as a father the same way I am becoming a mother.

There is no real way to quantify this other than how much and how well I appreciate his immense patience with everything. He has had to do the shopping for me by himself--something he well and truly detests--and found out where to get the better deals for baby things. He has learned to hand wash small articles of clothing, mainly our son's diapers. He has learned to change diapers by himself too.

I'm not sure I've ever expressed how much I appreciate and thank my husband for all the things he does. The treats he buys me when he runs errands, not complaining when I make him change nappies by himself from midnight on, and the shoulder and back massages after we've put Llew to sleep.

This is my journeys shout out to the man whose name I now carry as proudly as I carry my own.

God blessed the broken road that led us to each other. I love you. :)

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