Saturday, 5 January 2013

There is no "one or the other"

...and I find it deeply offensive to be told I must--take note, MUST--choose between my son and fur babies. That may be the way in other families and I will not condemn you for that. Much*. But to tell me to do the same is unacceptable.

In my family, they are equal. As much attention is given to the four-footed ones as the two. Our cats and dogs serve as secondary guardians to our children and the children grow up seeing them as part of the family.

"OHANA" encapsulates it most astutely. If you haven't watched "Lilo and Stitch", this refers to the spirit of family where "no one gets left behind or forgotten." That is what our pets mean to us. Family.

Oh I know the people who've told me to choose mean well. The sentiment behind the words is appreciated. But once you've received the indifferent "Mmhmmm." and tight-lipped smile, please know better than to push the issue.

*NOTE: I would never presume to tell others how to live their lives as I HATE being told the same. However, of your pet came into your life before your child did and you decide to discard your pets in favour of the child, whatever the circumstances surrounding the child's arrival might be, I may not say it out loud but I will express my disagreement. And you'll know. Boy will you know.

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