Saturday, 3 March 2012

Word of the day

Yesterday I declared my word for the day to be "awesome." So when I post my entry about my best friend's hen party, expect to see "awesome" inserted wherever possible. True, it can be annoying, but sometimes, we like using just one word to encapsulate feelings that we are otherwise hard-pressed to articulate.

I was going to say that today's word will be "fantastic" but doing it two days in a row is just a notch away from being a) shunned by the English academe and b) just plain obnoxious.

So now it's March and despite telling myself that yes, I will be prepared for this month's daily photo challenge from Fat Mum Slim, I find myself two days late. Again. But here's a quick run through my first three photos.

Day #1 - Up

Day #2 - Fruit

Day #3 - My neighbourhood

I'll be putting up a page for my March Photo a Day by tomorrow most likely so I'll share the stories behind each photo then.

I'm back to running around like a headless chicken though I dearly hope that this will be the last thing I will have to run around in the aforementioned manner so I can start thinking straight and focus on battling through all the red tape that seems to be intent on creating a line between myself and my life goals.

I've decided to set some rules down for myself to help force some semblance of order and sanity into my otherwise chaotic life. And add a dash of relaxation to help me clear my head so I can function better at work.

I found, during college, that it helped me to have lists of things to do and reminder alarms of when they need to be done. I'd given myself two hours per item that needed completion and that was something that let me take charge of my own time and get everything done.

So this month, that's what I'll be starting on doing. Lists and schedules for myself and the rest of the household which I'm officially fully running. I need to give the help their assignments too.

I think I shocked one of my best friend's friends when I said my user name on Blogger is "The Career Housewife." The thought makes me giggle though I'd like to think that she was also somewhat impressed that she's met someone who wants to focus on being precisely that: a housewife.

I need to review my "topics for later discussion" and start discussing them. For now, sleep. I need it badly.

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