Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cruelty-free treat

This is a vanities post. Let's get that out of the way right now.

Normally I would post this in my vanities blog but I haven't managed to put tome in to set up my entries for there yet so this will have to go here for now. I'll try and make it make sense.

The brand on the left is a Korean one. They have all types of cosmetics, skin care and colours, the same way most brands do. But one thing made them stand out for me today and that's what today's entry is going to be about.

Considering the advocacy I chose to back, I have, admittedly, not been as mindful as I probably should have of "collaterals" surrounding my choice of advocacy.

Some time ago I raved about how well about a local product, Ascof, which is basically a commercialized, refined version of a local cough-relieving herbal medicine. Though I complained about the flavour, it worked so well expelling the stubborn phlegm from my throat that I willingly glugged it down.

And then I was told the company that makes it tests on animals.

I will be honest and say that despite choosing to help animals, I would choose to make them the front liners in testing medication. We have more than enough research on the effects of existing drugs, I've been told, but any new ones or new combinations, I would still choose them to be on the front lines rather than a human being. Emphasis on new or new combinations. Because I don't believe that existing medication, if not being tested for new purposes or combined with other ingredients, should keep getting forced down a voiceless animal's throat/rubbed on its skin/dropped in its eyes/what-have-you. We will add the in depth discussion on that to our list of things to talk about.

Feel free to comment on this, by the way--I like learning from people whose opinions differ from mine. My only request is no rabid comments as we prefer civilised, intelligent discussions. Thank you.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) website will likely have a copy of the list given me for brands that do and don't test on animals if you're interested in taking a look. I was, however, horrified to learn that most of the companies that produce the make-up I so love do test on animals.

How does this differ from drugs?

Think of it this way: animals, in general, can at least benefit from the medicine. Keep them from getting certain diseases or cure them. But what good is lipstick to an animal?

So it's goodbye to most of the department store brands that I love. Hello, new make-up brands.

Korean cosmetic products came on my radar after watching a slew of Korean dramas, I've come to the "illusion" that their local brands are the reason the actresses' glowing, perfect skin. I use "illusion" very loosely by the way; I don't know how real or fake their features are given that a Korean friend has mentioned how popular plastic surgery is over there.

But I digress.

I've become a fan of Korean cosmetics beyond the perceived effects because of their packaging (very minimal but still very pretty) and the quality of the products for the price. The brand I mentioned, Missha, came to my attention when my aunt passed on to be a tube of Missha BB cream. She's not very fussy with her make-up and while I'm not a huge fan of foundations and the like, I've heard good things about BB creams so I started using it.

Let me say right now that the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is fantastic. It can apply light or heavy but it doesn't cake up. At all. This is on myself, of course, I've not seen it on others. But to give you an idea, I live in a tropical country and I have oily skin.

Missha made its way to the list of Korean brands to check out whenever I'm at the mall and it just so happened that yesterday, when my husband and I were at the mall, I saw several of the Korean brands scattered in the activity centre. He had to make a trip to the loo so I hung back and checked out the nearest stall which happened to be Missha.

I've been looking for a make-up sealer/finisher similar to that from MAC so that was the first thing I asked for.


Meet The Style Art Designing Make-up Fix. Quite the mouthful, but as that's what is on the box and the bottle, I will assume that's the name of the product. It's really a finisher but I was told I can very lightly apply it prior to everything else and it can serve as a primer too.

As a kind of promo thing (I think) for the product, it was selling for 50% off which, as a fan of retail therapy, is fantastic because I get to try a product I want and I get it for cheaper than usual too.

What delighted me even more was this:

The first one I've seen of the entire lot of cosmetics that I use. Colour me thrilled. I showed it to my husband as soon as he joined me at the stall--and gave him my best kitten eyes so he'd buy it for me. ^_~ Plus, since I believe Missha has only been in the country a few months, they seem to be introducing some extra products too and I got these samples!

Obviously the M Perfect Cover BB Cream is not new to me but the rest of the stuff is. I'm actually looking forward to trying that Super Aqua sample since snail cream seems to be the thing to try now as far as facial creams are concerned.

Obviously I still need to do extra research on this. But the surface announcement that they don't do animal testing and don't support animal testing already makes me willing to give them more attention.

P.S. Many, many thanks to the indulgent husband who bought me my latest cosmetic product. ^_^

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