Monday, 5 March 2012

A Reminder

Things have been tough lately. If I manage to keep this blog up for as long as I intend to, you'll notice that whenever times are tough, I retreat and start "spring cleaning."

This isn't a yearly clean-up event as much as a way for me to clear my head. Like some people who develop eating disorders to gain control over something in their life, I clean to gain control over the overflow of my thoughts and emotions.

Spring cleaning is cathartic to me. Like going to therapy except it's for free and I end up with a bunch of useless junk in recycling or the trash. There's prayer in it too as I often spend this time in silence, listening if there's anything that God wants to remind me of or say to me. Usually it's me talking endlessly to Him. Sometimes He answers, sometimes He leaves me to ponder what I'm meant to learn, else just challenges me to keep trusting in His Wisdom.

It's my second week of cleaning up photos, hence the continued non-existence of some images. My apologies; I really get obsessive over uniformity and presentation like that. It's my neurosis, taking full control over the things I know I can control.

Today, while editing my Daily Photos (I always resize them to a 500px width to fit my blog format) I took this extra photo:

If you can't read the engraving, it says "Faith Like A Child." I had it engraved during my grandmother's first week in the hospital when things looked like they were really going to go down the drain.

So if you ever see me staring at my pen cap, you know what I'm looking at. The past eight months have been very trying but at the same time, I've decided to take everything that happens to me, good or bad, as a blessing so the past eight months have been difficult but I have also been very blessed.

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