Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Truth really is stranger

I saw this on my Twitter feed this morning and it just made complete sense.

I believe I've mentioned before that I'm a Creative Writing major. If there's one thing that our professors ever so determinedly pounded into our heads it was for us to write so that everything would fit and flow logically.

This was a problem for me because my logical thought processes don't necessarily follow the logical thought processes of others. (See the Chiz Curls story here.) Oddly, whenever I wrote my nonfiction pieces, in particular, my professors and classmates often found they could not understand how each item in my writing led to the next one. However, my writing journal made near perfect sense to one professor who said he enjoyed reading my writing journal.

This blog alone is an example of both my writing that makes sense to a) just me or b) me and people who read me. Oh and c) me and people who know me personally.

I've been told I can be rather cryptic which is odd because I usually don't mean to be. I suppose the problem there is that I have the tendency to speak as though everyone reading me knows me personally or knows everything that's going on with me at the moment.

My apologies whenever that is the case. I'm open to answering questions though, should you have any.

Truth be told, this blog is a work in progress. As you can see, every now and then I add and take out things as I see fit, depending on whether they work for me or not. And I did start this blog as much for my future children and a reminder to myself on what I do and don't want to be like in the future as a personal exercise in writing nonfiction. How effective it really is remains to be seen but I have, just recently, gotten published (by "accident") in a local magazine so I suppose it's helping me sharpen up again.

After all that one has to wonder why reality makes so much less sense than fiction and my only thought on that is perhaps it is brought on by the fact that in fiction, the writer is the "God figure" of the world and therefore human. No level of human comprehension can recreate God's wisdom, and ultimately, even the strangest things in life can make perfect sense only after one factors that in.

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