Friday, 20 November 2015

Little Victories

Yes, we celebrate those. The little things that we do or that happen that just happens to turn things around when everything has gone pear-shaped.

Last week Thursday (yes, I meant to post about this last week we went grocery shopping with our two kids. By "we" I mean myself and my husband, plus the two kids. It was our mid-month run* and with my mom making her own rounds elsewhere and in need of assistance, our kids' nanny was off with her.

The little victory? We survived it. Yes, I missed a few items but those weren't on my list that day so I'll let myself off for that one. But everything on the list, except for out of stock items, were
purchased successfully and we made it out of the grocery store without any extra items randomly picked up by the kiddo.

Interestingly, another little victory was accomplished two nights after that mid-month grocery run.

It seems we hit a growth spurt for Kian this week (he is already at 6 weeks after all--how time flies!) and he's been particularly fussy at night. Now, I don't know many parents who co-slept with an almost 3-year-old and an almost 2-month-old, but I will tell you this: it hasn't been easy for us.

We have had nights when we would enlist the help of the nanny to put one kid to sleep while we dealt with the other. Usually, it would be Kian with us and Llew with the nanny since Kian would need me for a feed. Some nights, both of them would refuse to settle down, while other nights, one would try to settle down but be kept awake by the other.

Saturday night, I was just plain exhausted and suffering from back pains so the nanny took both kids and my husband set about giving me a much-needed back massage. The kids were brought to our room some time after, both already sleeping, but Kian, after two or three completely wet diapers, woke up. And was crying. Loudly. Which ultimately woke Llew up.

Oh boy.

It took us an hour (it felt like forever, though) or so to get both of them settled down. The catch? They both wanted Mama.

Cue this mom's (figurative) tears falling as I struggled to position myself in such a way that I would be fairly comfortable, be able to hug the toddler as he needed, and nurse the infant as he needed. After almost three hours of on and off crying and wailing, they were both asleep in minutes.

I still wonder how they do it. How can they wail for so long and then calm down in almost literally an instant?

That said, this particular entry goes into my Fabulous Friday logs simply because getting through these moments, one cannot help but feel fabulous. And we like ending our work weeks on as high a note as possible. ^_^

*On occasion we do grocery shopping twice a month when grocery items will be overstocked at home if we make the purchase at the end of the month, or if something unexpectedly runs out. But typically, grocery shopping only happens once a month.

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