Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Almost there

Let me get this off my chest: yes, I started singing the Disney song immediately after I typed that.

Locally we've now got an allotted 100 days paid maternity leave but I voluntarily gave myself eight weeks off before setting myself up to work again just so I don't go crazy here at home. In a funny way it still works out as 100 days of maternity leave for me since my leave started in October (I was active with our business work until the final week prior to giving birth), ends at the end of November, but then December = Christmas stuff so I'll actually be working officially by January.

It works out well, hahaha!

Since this blog is to be partly responsible for showcasing my writing voices (plural because I do go from voice to voice every now and then, though almost always conversational) as part of my writing portfolio, you can see that I've been slowly updating and changing things around. As I mentioned last week, I've had the strongest feeling that I need this part of me back on track so I can be a more effective mother to my children. Two years of giving little to no attention to my writing and art has made me miss...no, thirst for those times when I sit quietly focused on either my thoughts or on projecting the images in my head onto paper. Now I seriously need to do both and my children now get to take that particular journey with me.

I'm grateful that Kian's temperament seems to take well to this arrangement so far. I'm taking advantage of it now in the hope of training him to sit with me as I train myself to be disciplined with my work hours. I'm still in awe of Licia Ronzulli who has been bringing her daughter along with her to parliament. Heck, if she can do it, right?

It's pretty much where the comparisons end though. Obviously I have to figure out how this can work out for me with my own schedule and lifestyle. I told a friend once that people make such a huge hullabaloo over judging others based on what we see. I don't really see anything particularly wrong with judging, as long as we are clear on one thing: you are judging the moment, not the person as a whole. Honestly, I've learned things from watching other parents in my kids' class. Things I want do copy, things I don't. I don't assume to know more than what I see, only infer or imagine what may have happened prior or what brought it about. Really, you can learn a lot from observation and there are habits I picked up from other parents that have been rather useful to me.

This time around, I choose that particular example set by Licia Ronzulli and hope that I manage to make it work for me.

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