Wednesday, 30 May 2012

So I'm back to that point again.

I thought I could handle it but apparently I was wrong.

I'd aimed to move all my existing blogs to Blogger so I could work on all of them simultaneously but the energy to keep up with the reposts from my old cosmetics blog and update it here on Blogger has failed since my return from Ireland.

I still slowly intend to move the old posts to Blogger as part of my archives--my apologies to those who may have read them and figured I'd post new entries soon--but I'm hoping, at the same time, to post new entries as I have indeed missed my regular girly-vain posts.

This was the original blog: Boudoir Angel on Tumblr. It still exists
though it is no longer being updated and you'll notice that I had a
separate Twitter account for it.
At the time I created this blog I wanted to create something that would be dedicated to one subject matter alone, in this case, my adventures in cosmetics. But now that I'm thinking about all the effort to separate bits and pieces of me just so I can create a concentrated blog is just silly.

The point of this blog, The Career Housewife, is to share a part of myself as I am now and document for both myself and perhaps my children (and so on) how I've come to be the person they know me as, perhaps even to remind myself, should I forget, that at some point in my life, I thought and reacted the way they do.

So today I've decided that both Boudoir Angel and Embrace the Diva (shown below) ought to be incorporated into The Career Housewife. I have yet to decide whether or not to incorporate my pet parenting blog into this one since I started that in part as volunteer work but we'll see because being a shelter volunteer is also part of who I am and the kind of person I'm shaping up to be.

So new and saying goodbye so soon.
So here's to a little mid-blog crisis response where I combine two large bits of my online self: the contemplative, often spacey random poster and the over-aged teenager just about to begin her foray into this world of non-surgical facial enhancements and preservatives. (I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just calling it as I use it.)

With many of the posts already formatted for Blogger, there will likely be an increase in activity in the next few weeks, giving me time to convert the remaining entries. This may also mean a minor reorganisation in when topic-specific posts are put up, just so the page doesn't get flooded and people know what to expect of me on certain days.

I can see it now: Make-up Mondays...Travel Tuesdays...and other such cheesy daily titles.

I'm having fun already.

I feel like I've actually gotten very rusty as far as writing goes and I am determined to get my writing chops back so hopefully I'll manage to start participating in things more, actually reading the blogs I follow and hopefully keeping my sanity whilst doing so.

You know I'm in a crisis mode when I start reorganising things. It helps me put everything into perspective.

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