Thursday, 24 May 2012

Guest Post!

No, not here, but on our wedding photographer and friend, Noel Salazar's blog! It made me giggle so much I just had to share. :3

For a bit of background, Noel is a photographer for Imagine Nation Photography. I've written about him and a little bit of why he was such a blessing to our wedding in this post. He and his fiancée, Rae Venturanza, have become friends of ours since and among the things that stuck with me during our trip to Ireland is Noel's love for the colour orange and his weekly (whenever he's not too busy, hahaha) Orange Thursdays posts. Every time I saw something orange I was reminded of him and I took the photos he posted with him in mind. (I also sent Rae some flowers--she loves sunflowers but it wasn't the time for sunflowers if they even grow in Ireland, but the sunny yellow flowers we saw during our cliff walk reminded me of her so I took photos of those and sent them over.)

Anyway, Orange Thursdays.

See? Heehee.

You might recognise the flowers from a previous Ireland 2012 post. I believe I posted a different angle of the same bunch of flowers.

Lately I've been grilling Noel about pro photography equipment. I've decided I really want to take my photography seriously and take it a step up to the professional level so I'm working on saving up for the necessary equipment so I can begin my training. Guess where? LOL

So, yes. It makes me all nice and giggly to have my photo up on his blog alongside his pro work and other guest Orange Thursday photos. I'm already learning bits and pieces from studying how my pro friends do their thing so I can't wait to have my shot at it too.

(Ha, get it? Shot?)

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