Friday, 28 August 2015

Vanity or hygiene?

I never found hair inconvenient until my second pregnancy.

Maybe it's because I wasn't this size when I had my first baby. My drive to be fit (and as a result, trimmer) has always been fairly low and frankly, having a child did not do much to improve the said drive since I felt so drained all the time. Add to that the fact that I didn't even think to give myself any "me time" at all because of various concerns around the house and the investments we were beginning to build.

Of course, this is not to fat shame myself. But changes do happen when you stop thinking about your own size and fitness and focus solely on the things that you deem the most important at the moment.

It wasn't so easy anymore to find clothes that would fit me and make me feel good about myself, never mind that my choices became severely limited by the fact that I was breastfeeding. I picked what I considered to be the "lazy options"--not so much because I felt like only people who are too lazy to dress up wear them but because they really weren't the style I like and would prefer to wear when going out.

But as I got deeper and deeper into finding the things that made me feel good--first it was makeup and then improving my clothing options--I rediscovered things that I had previously dismissed as unnecessary torture.

Ah, now you see why I cut the text earlier than I normally would have! As if the title of the post didn't already clue you in, right?

Mind, I've had my underarms waxed quite a number of times already; I've just been a little more lazy lately since the nearest waxing place requires me to climb up to the third level and I'm just not into that right now. I've also experienced waxing and threading my eyebrows, and unnecessarily waxing my legs. Why unnecessarily? My leg hair is so thin and irrelevant that really, all a wax job does is give me an instant skin peel. Albeit a more comfortable one than one involving...I don't know. Creams and chemicals or something. And then, the final frontier: bikini waxing.

I never thought I would find it necessary but I do now. It's probably a whole combination of things, the bottom line of which being I was feeling an increase in discomfort and needed to do something about it. Thankfully, my obstetrician was very supportive and even gave me a medical certificate in case I get asked if I'm allowed to get the service done.

Most would probably choose "liberating" as their word for it. I just found it a very strange sensation, hahaha! Oh but the comfort! Truly, truly amazing.

I always assumed that it was more of a vanity thing to have a bikini wax. Not being the type to typically choose to wear particularly revealing swimswear, I never found it necessary to indulge. But some times these services apparently have further use and are, frankly, a source of added comfort for this momma who is already having a difficult enough pregnancy.

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