Monday, 13 July 2015

Coping with the Crazy

In the period between now and my last real activity on this blog, so much has happened and changed that to try and recapture them one by one just for documentation would be just plain silly.

So let's just go ahead and focus on today. Today and everything that is basically the result of those "lost" days.

In brief: The truth is that staying focused on my eldest gave me little to no time for myself beyond sitting somewhere and staring into nothingness. I found that I didn't really like blogging via my mobile phone or my tablet. The speed with which I needed to type so I can quickly capture my thoughts just didn't match the speed with which I could work on either unit.

So eventually, I gave up. Just quietly gave up.

But right now I feel I need to give myself this time to sit back and be able to reflect on how the changes around me have affected and changed me. And to do that, I put in a work request to my husband that he allow me to purchase a laptop so I can work outside our home office--where it can get too hot and/or humid for a newborn--while tending to our coming little one.

Now here I am, getting ready to get myself back into the work force, so to speak.

Before I had our eldest, I was a rather prolific freelance online writer. I might actually touch base with the people I used to write for or perhaps apply for new jobs. I'll also be sending in my amateur photographer resume to a photographer I quite like and respect for his art.

I'm hoping that by doing something creative (and pays well) I'll be able to give myself a little more balance and some respite from the crazy that we can look forward to experiencing once our second is born.

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