Friday, 27 September 2013

Nail Party

Today is my self-imposed "Fab Friday" and I want to share my new nail candy!

This is one of the three combinations I've seen for Etude House's collection of ombre nail polishes. I chose it because it has the smallest glitter bits but to be honest, I would have wanted the pink or brown one. But children chew on parents' finger nails--or at least mine does--and large glitter particles is not part of a healthy diet.

The instructions are very simple. So simple that even a n00b like me can follow it. Note that I only discovered the English instructions after painstakingly trying to understand the drawing and bits and pieces of Korean. (I've learned their alphabet and can read the words though my vocabulary is lacking by A LOT.)

Look at that pretty nail cocktail!

I actually already have it on but failed to take step by step photos and several laundry cycles have passed. I'm giving myself another manicure over the weekend though, so I'll be sure to do a mini shoot then!

PS I bought a mattifying top coat. It's so pretty with ombre nails!

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