Monday, 12 August 2013

July. Really?

I'm honestly a little upset that my last post was in July. Another month of not blogging after I swore I would do so at least once a week.

Well today is Mommy Day and the topic of the day is Mommy Dressing and De-stressing.

Admittedly it's rather distressing that I just spent a whole lot on vanities and in such a short time. I did not expect to run so wildly after feeling like I'd been deprived of so many personal treats for these past years. Blessings notwithstanding, there have been several life events that I am slowly still getting over and dealing with that involve the aforementioned deprivation. And yet here I am.

At the same time I have not felt as good in so long. To quote a lady (see her at I regularly fan girl over, "Loshang is a downward spiral," and I nearly fell into that black hole of not caring what I looked like, or that I was contributing to the horror of many singles and moms-to-be.

Of course there are celebrities who prove otherwise but those are celebrities. They get rich on looking good and have to look good to stay rich. What's in it for me?

To be honest, I believe the most important thing here is that it makes me feel good to preen. While self-esteem is hardly based on physical attributes alone, I find that it is quite nice and comforting to know and be able to tell myself that I look good. Especially since I am hardly a fashion plate--I am trying though being stylish is not my forte--makeup is probably the one area where I can kind of make up for it. I do count myself an artist and putting on makeup is just like painting, IMO. It's a learned skill and art but one that can be acquired. Style is a little harder to pick up if it does not already come naturally.

My favorite thing abut preening is that it's "brainless" time to spend with myself. By "brainless" I mean I am focused solely on what to do with myself rather than thinking of business tasks, the house, household problems, etc. It is a form of Me Time. Very important to me because I get so little of it these days.

Today I made a promise to myself that I will make the effort to look good every day even if I'm not even leaving the house. Hopefully it will be more successful than the promise I will blog at least weekly. ;)

This post was brought to you by Mairighead, my iPad and life assistant

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