Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Photo a day

I've started again. This time there is no list, simply a photo showing what I'd done or seen for the day.

I just realized that Instagram only cross posts to my Tumblr account (just replace "blogspot" with "tumblr"!) so I'll be reposting the past eleven days of photos now.

If I'm lucky it will post on the correct sequence. Alternatively, just look me up (MrsLesterYong) on Instagram.

#1: Our 9am habit--feeding and snuggles
#2: "I skinned a zebra to make my nappy," says the little lion.
#3: The cuddle cat, Kazuhiko!
#4: Milk coma.
#5: Self-promoting that ought to be banned
#6: The tea finger must be observed when nursing
#7: Little two-month-old mall rat
#8: Baby dragon approves of this sleep position
#9: Pancake breakfast
#10: Smile!

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